Vassia Sarri Life CoachWhy you should trust me:

Why you should believe that I can help you turn your dreams into goals and your goals into successful actions?

Because I as well have been working as a Free lancer and Entrepreneur from home, while raising my own kids.

You should trust me because I can guide you to what I have already done.

And you should trust me because all of my coaching clients have achieved most of their goals as well.

…but let’s take everything from the beginning:

I started my working career as a Graphic designer and Web developer on 1994 when I graduated with a Batchelor’s of Arts. From the very beginning I realized I wanted to create something of my own, to have my own business and live a Boss Free Life because I didn’t like to have other people decide for my life.


Six years later I quit my job, although I had a very prestigious position as an Art director in a Big international Advertising Company. I dreamed of becoming a film Director so I went to England to study Film and Television Production.  I loved the Cinema and I still do. So I got a Masters of Arts in this subject. When I came back to Greece I worked for several films and TV productions but the pay was small for too many hard working hours. I felt it wasn’t worthy, so I turned my interest to wedding videos and photography.


Between 2003 and 2007 I was working as a free lancer web devolper, Videographer for weddings and I was also teaching web and graphic design for a couple of Art Colleges. I was happy with what I was doing, but I had too little time for myself. I thought that you can’t have an omelette without braking eggs, and the brocken eggs was the sucrifice of my personal time.


vassia-pregnantThe turning point in my life came during my first pregnancy. I had many complications and I had to stay still in bed for six whole months! My doctor didn’t even let me sit on a chair. I kept in contact with my associates and clients as a web developer, through the internet and on the phone. I was doing my work by having my laptop on a breakfast table, while lying in bed. In addition to this, I started cooperating with free lancers, and I would pay them for filming and photographing on my behalf.


So, the Job was done, my personal business started rolling, and the baby was born in perfect health!


Everything went well. Actually, much better than I could ever imagine… I believe that I’ve been very lucky since I was able to raise my two children on my own. I have many friends and relatives, who left their children in daycare centers before their sixth month! Those parents didn’t see the first steps of their children nor did they hear their first words. They didn’t mean to let that happen, they hated it, but they were desperate, as they falsely believed that they had no other choice.




Now that it has been a little more than 7 years since I started working from home. My business on web development and Videography is flowrishing, while I have free lancers working on the projects and I am just managing the overall idea. It is now a proper business that doesn’t need much of my own time.


My effort to respond to the financial difficulties, regardless of the general economic status of our times, led me to a huge research. It was concerning marketing through the internet, ways of promoting products and services, policies of contacting clients, smart time management and money management and achieving goals. Managing to succeed financial independence by working from home and at the same time to look after two babies, I had to put myself into discipline. In that way, I would be able to think strategically on every choice and action I was ready to make. I also had to correct the way I saw myself, my relationships and my values. All that experience was recorded down to detail and I offer it to you now, as an organized business system and at the same time, as a map to a successful and happy family life. My intention is to help as many of you as I can, to deal with your economic and professional difficulties, your ups and downs in mood, to improve your relationships and to make your dreams come true!



I now work full time as a Life Coach, while my business “Vassileia – Web, Video & Photography” works for me without me. I am also a Published Author and I enjoy “Free time” with my husband and my children.


I don’t like the phrase “free time” because I consider all my day as being trully FREE.  I do only what I enjoy. Beyond my Life coaching and writting carreer: I love Travelling with my husband, I enjoy going to the pub for a beer, I create paintings and other pieces of art, I am filming my own films, I have a Lego Facebook page with my sons and I also enjoy cooking.


So why you should trust me? Why you should believe that I can help you turn your dreams into goals and your goals into successful actions? Because I have myself succeeded in most goals I have already set and because my clients too, are achieving their true desires.


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